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LED Lights 1.0
LED Lights 1.0
LED Lights 1.0
LED Lights 1.0

LED Lights 1.0

Sold Out
$22.00 USD
These LED strip lights can light up in 16 traditional RGB colors, plus 6 additional light effects for more creative freedom. Jazz up your get-togethers, romantic dinners, or holiday parties with vibrant lighting.
  • Colors That Energize
  • Remote Control
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • 5 meter length
  • Easy to Install
  • Color Type: RGB
  • EU plug

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Package Includes

  • LED1.0 Light Strip
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x White Control Box
  • 1 x Power adapter EU PLUG

Atomospheric Features

Remote Control

Waterproof- Silicone protected

16 Color Choices

Can display one color at a time

Adjust brightness and speed

Beautiful Colors

Unlimited color options

Shows all colors , not just RGB.

Includes White & Warm White

Here's Why Customers Trust LEDLIGHTSLB™

Installing Your Led Light Tape

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cut the LED Light Tape?

It’s possible for you to cut RGB strip light along the golden marks. If you don't trim at designated cutting points, your light strips may not work.

Note: Only the side of the light strips that are plugged in will light up. The other side will not, they will be thrown away.
We advise you to have a professional cut them if needed, if not its better to avoid that.

2. Can I connect multiple light strips?

It’s not recommended to connect extra strip light because of the power issue. The voltage drop may cause the strip light to show different colors or the last part of the strip light will be off if they are connected continuously.

It's advised to plug other light strips to different plugs to use.

3. Can I bend the strip lights?

LED strips are flexible but should not be bend laterally. While this is usually not an issue, you may need to turn a corner or otherwise change direction within an LED strip run.

4. Why my remote is not working?

1. Make sure the plastic label is pulled out when you use the remote.
2. The remote should point at the black IR receiver on the control box.
3. Please try to replace a CR2025 battery for the remote.

To open: push the red part to right side and pull out the blue part at the same time.

5. How to stick the strip lights?

1. When you are trying to remove the paper, please take it slowly and press the paper back to the tape once the adhesive is going to be ripped off with the protective layer.
2. Please stick the strip lights to a clean and smooth surface.
3. Please use a dust-free cloth to clean the surface of the dust and oil residue, then install the light strip.
4. Do not touch the adhesive side with your fingers. Press for 10-30 seconds after sticking it.
5. The ideal operating temperature of the Tape is about 20ºC and 40ºC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
hala ballout
seret heb now heb b udte mn wara el ledlights

merci ktir la hal page , aa hal ledlight ktir hlwe w lmratbe , this my review in the video, ktir byestehal

Marcellia A.
great tbh

First of all, the package and all the things that come with it. It is perfectly packed and all items are perfectly safe. I am truly amazed with the level of care they put into my order, and I feel 100% satisfied in buying with you. The product is of high quality, so the price is definitely worth it. I’ve never been more satisfied with a purchase in my life (and I’m no exaggerating). Nowadays it’s difficult to find this level of care and attention to the client + products of the best possible quality. THANK YOU. Now my room looks more beautiful than ever. Plus, the delivery was SUPER fast although I live overseas (i live in UAE)

zack jr

These lights exceeded my expectations! It is a really great light. I ordered set of two 5 meter remote strip, now I want to order the LED 3.0 Dream light & Aurora projector on my bday :) !